Cave Wizard Walks

Update: Sibling Cave has arrived at The Serpent Mound. The Dragon has not yet spoken to him.

Sibling Cave will be speaking at Serpent Mound about his walk on June 20, 2021, at 12pm. More information here:

Sibling Cave made pilgrimage from the Peaceatorium to The Serpent on the Mound this Spring.

After three years of contemplative prayer for guidance on how best to serve God in this house divided, we haven’t a clue. Therefore, after observing many omens, casting a few bones, and consulting our aurors, it has been decided that Sibling Cave will walk to The Serpent on the Mound, in the style of his hero Peace Pilgrim–walk until offered shelter, fast until fed. Once there, Sibling Cave will ask the Dragon how to act to minimize unnecessary suffering throughout this time of strife between neighbors. If the Dragon refuses to answer, Sibling Cave must engage it in a staring contest. Should Sibling Cave bring back useful wisdom from the Dragon to the Peaceatorium chapter of God’s Order of Freedom, he hopes to be granted full monk status within the Order.


  • no alcohol, canibus, caffeine, tobacco, processed sugars, or any other mind or mood altering substances
  • no wheat, corn, beans, rice, soy, potatoes, pasta, peas
  • no looking at screens
  • no coin, currency, or barter


  • directions to The Serpent on the Mound: 39°01′35″N, 83°25′51″W
  • wildflower seeds
  • shelter (rides may be taken only with promise of ride back)
  • nuts, berries, vegetables, cheese, fruits, seeds, venison, fish, beef, pork, chicken


  • obedience
  • meditation
  • not judging others
  • not reviling
  • not complaining
  • not to walk in agreement with an unjust man
  • not to look with his eyes upon evil
  • not to go about being curious
  • not to examine nor listen to the business of others
  • not to take anything with my hands
  • to give to others
  • not to be proud in my heart
  • not to malign others in my thoughts
  • not to fill my stomach
  • to in all thing behave with discretion

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