About Peaceatorium

Mission of Spiritual, peace.

Realizing that these guidelines rely on inspiration rather than rules: —In order to truly love and live peacefully, we are willing to recognize and relinquish all fear-driven beliefs, judgments and separate needs, supporting each other in this process. We recognize that healing occurs through forgiveness we manifest daily. We experience the simple joy & laughter that community offers, living simply as a means to this end. We choose to participate in and develop a sustainable lifestyle, composting, gardening, conserving electricity, water, fuel and other resources. —We commit to working as needed on household chores at least 5 hours each week. Rent is paid monthly, up front. Members who are able contribute financially to the weekly Wednesday night community dinner and household essentials. While members are responsible for their own food, group meals are encouraged and those not cooking are encouraged to clean up. Decisions are reached by consensus at monthly meetings (see below); participation is expected. —Consensus: With respect for the views of all, we work to find solutions as a group for the good of the group. No one is wrong. We continue to examine all concerns until agreement is reached. —We hold weekly dinners, monthly movie nights and facilitate ACIM classes at the Peaceatorium, inviting the larger community to join us.

The Peaceatorium
3558 Galway Rd.
Ballston Spa, NY 12020

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